Rohtuluppo is a log cabin with a view of the fell Saanatunturi across the lake Kilpisjärvi! Ski trail and snowmobile network within a hundred meters. Only a kilometer to the shop and restaurant.
430 km to the northwest from Rovaniemi, 170 km from Enontekiö municipality center, 120 m to the Kilpisjärvi shoreline. No own beach, lean-to shelter (public use) by the lake Kilpisjärvi within 150 m.
Round log cabin, built in 2006. 2 spreadable sofas in the living room/kitchen, bunk bed in the bedroom (lower bed is 160 x 200 cm wide, upper bed is 100 x200 cm wide), spreadable sofa and 2 mattresses in the loft, steep stairs to the loft, sauna, washroom and separate WC.
Storage. According to fire regulations, motor vehicle can not be stored in the shelter between the cabin and the storage. In addition to the attractions of Kilpisjärvi area, it is only 16 km distance to the Norwegian border and 50 km distance to the shore of the fjord. 1.3 km distance to the Kalotti hiking route. There are many good trails for day trips in the area. Kilpisjärvi nature center and Saanatunturi trail 1.3 km, Malla nature park 8 km, boundary mark of three counties (Finland, Sweden and Norway) 16 km.

Enontekiö ice fishing week and "Only two fish ice fishing competition" in early May. Small game hunting area: 1613 Käsivarsi, fishing area: 1551 Enontekiö wilderness (


  • Küche Mikrowelle
    Ausstattung Washing Machine
  • Hiking / Mountains There are trails for hiking/walking - sport activity available in the place where the object is located.
  • Parken There is a parking (outdoor or indoor) possibility at the object available. May be private or communal and charges may apply.
  • Nicht-Raucher Smoking in the property is not allowed
  • Sauna Accommodation is equipped with a sauna. The sauna may be for private or shared use and may be at extra costs.
  • Dusche Object is equipped with at least 1 shower
  • Genral Property is located in a place with mountains and lakes


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